Working with Jim has been a pleasure. He is professional, organized, and knowledgeable. He represents the customers best interests and follows their requests, but tries to keep the customer from killing the deal due to emotion or poor information. I have worked in sales for 40 years as a salesman and sales manager. In my opinion, Jim is a very good professional salesman and a joy to work with.

Kris K.

I have used James Nadeau for several real estate ventures over the past 10 years - including market research, real estate purchases, acquisitions, and sales. Jim is able to bring a unique set of skills to the table, including market knowledge, surveying expertise, and floodplain management. His knowledge will give you a compelling advantage during your real estate transaction. I highly recommend him.

Theodore S.A.

I have worked with Jim for over 20 years. He is one of the most diverse real estate professionals in the Greater Portland area. Jim has always gone above and beyond what is expected to get the job done. If I have a property to buy or sell, Jim is my go to Realtor.

Wm. Page A.

I highly recommend Jim Nadeau as a Realtor. He knows the right questions to ask, and his knowledge and understanding of wetlands, floodplains, and land usage has been a huge help in looking at potential properties to purchase. He always has had my best interest in mind whether purchasing or selling a property. Having a realtor with his ability and knowledge has been invaluable to me.

Dave E.

My husband and I have known Jim Nadeau for over two years. We had 38 acres of land we were interested in selling and knew we would have to have it surveyed. Jim and his survey team did all the necessary steps to create a subdivision ...locating boundaries, mapping, setting pins, making extensive plans and attending town meetings for zoning as well as other relevant issues. When surveying was complete, Jim put on his real estate hat and represented us in selling the six subdivision lots.

Jim has done an excellent job for us. He is very knowledgeable and learned on many topics. He has helped and talked us through every step of the way. More importantly to us, Jim is extremely moral and ethical in his approach. In today’s world these are most refreshing qualities. We would strongly recommend Jim Nadeau for your surveying and/or real estate needs. You will not be disappointed.

Debbie and Joseph D.

My husband and I used Jim Nadeau when we purchased our home in Lyman, Maine.  We were moving to Maine from Maryland.  We had just a few days to look at homes and he made the most out of our limited time.  After finding a house we loved, we returned to Maryland and Jim handled the contract negotiations on our behalf.  He negotiated $45,000 off the seller's asking price of the home.

In addition to being a realtor, Jim is also a professional land surveyor.  In our case, he discovered a mistake in the seller's land survey that resulted in us receiving an additional 2.4 acres in our home purchase (without additional cost).  He was also able to recommend and coordinate excellent inspectors for the home, septic system and well water.

Throughout this process, Jim kept in touch with us regularly.  Our home purchase and settlement went very smoothly.  Jim is a professional from start to finish and made our home buying experience stress free for us.

Ronda and Don S.

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